What to Expect:   

You deserve to be individually assessed, and treated based on your unique goals, concerns and health status. 

    Your treatment will be tailored to your activities, muscle health, and specific health concerns.
    Whether you have experienced massage on a regular basis for years,       
    or this is your first massage  .... Take a deep breath, and relax.  
      • At Connective Health you will begin by briefly reviewing your health situation  and/or concerns, and your goals for this appointment.
      • You’ll be in a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment                                                     
      • Your feedback is welcome along the way.  Whether your request is to adjust pressure,  focus on a specific area, or even to  avoid an area; your own body-awareness and feedback improves your treatment results.  
      • You will  be treated by a therapist who has  over 10 years of experience in a clinical therapeutic massage setting.
      • Connective Health follows health confidentiality procedures.


    1/2 Hour             $45.00

    45 min                $66.00

    1 Hour                $80.00

    1-1/2 Hours      $120.00

    New Client Discount  $10 off your First Massage

    What is included?
    1) Your choice
    Biotone Unscented Advanced Therapy Cream  
    or Lavender / Relaxation Cream  
    or our current monthly fragrance special are all included.

    2) CONNECTIVE HEALTH  also includes a selection of the highest quality 
    therapeutic grade essential oils, when recommended by your therapist and approved by you.

    3) Finally your therapy session also includes the option of hydrotherapy with hot towel compresses containing muscle healing epsom salts.

    (Your therapist may have additional recommendations for therapy or ongoing home care to address your specific goals or concerns.) 


       3 Massage Package*       $228.00  
    ( A $240.00 Value)     
    Buy three 1-hour Massages]

    (Save $12.00 total.  

    Save $4.00 /hour.)

    Four 45 Min Sessions Package*       $249.00  
    ( A $264.00 Value)     
    Buy Four 45 Min Massages]

    (Save $15.00 total.  

    Save $3.75 /session.)

    Buy 6 HOURS & Save             $438.00

    ( A $480.00 Value)
    [Buy Six 1- Hour Massages & Save ] 

    (Save $42.00 total. 
    ave $7.00 / hour.)

    Additional Spa Day Packages Offered in Conjunction with
    (Rates Effective 02/01/2016)

    [Established Clients Schedule On-line ]. 

    New Clients
     please call or text (847)606-8733
    or e-mail

      • Swedish Massage
      • Sports Massage
      • Deep Tissue Massage 
      • Prenatal Massage
      • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
      • Cranio-Sacral  Therapy
      • Myofacial Release Therapy
      • Trigger Point Therapy
      • Polarity Therapy
      • Reflexology
      • Hydrotherapy
      • Aroma Therapy
      • Analysis of Form and Function
      • Advanced Headache Treatments
      • Your Choice of Unscented or Lavender/Relaxation Cream Included in the price
    If you're not sure what you want, there's no need to decide before you arrive.  
    You can discuss it with your therapist.

    Gift Certificates  and Discounted Packages are Available.

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